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Allow me be become your “online crypto helper”.  You may ask any questions that you may have in regards to Cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, secure coin storage, at home computer security for crypto, and crypto trading systems.  I am not a crypto programmer or a developer. I don’t write crypto code. I don’t recover lost or stolen crypto coins. I can get you set up with top crypto security so you can have peace of mind not having to worry about it getting hacked or stolen. If you are new to crypto, I can get you up and running so you can participate in one of the biggest financial revolutions of our time. The consultation is custom tailored for you. We’ll talk face to face in a virtual online visit format.

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Why must I remove my coins from the exchange?

Unlike traditional brokerage accounts that keep your stocks until you buy or sell them to close, crypto exchanges are different. Did you know that over 80% of all Bitcoin and Ethereum is stored off the exchanges?  Cryptocurrencies are kept on wallets and off exchanges for a multitude of reasons. One reason is for storage. People who do not intend to sell their crypto in the near future wish to store it. This allows them to keep the cryptocurrency free of any centralization. In this scenario you become your own bank. You keep it for when you need it and the rest of the time it’s stored away. That gives the person compete autonomy and freedom of movement without boarders of countries or governments.

A second major reason why crypto is stored off of the exchanges is that many exchanges have come and gone over the years due to bankruptcy, scandal and other unforeseen events. When this occurs, any cryptocurrency that is left on an exchange can “disappear” overnight never to return. By storing it off of an exchange, you never have to worry about losing your crypto to a black swan event. You have solace knowing you have full control over it and no one else does.

Not all crypto wallets are suitable or safe. Knowing which ones are safe and secure is extremely important to prevent hackers and thieves from accessing your digital assets and taking them. I provide private council on which wallets are safest using best practices.  One appointment with me will steer you to the best ways of long-term storage providing complete peace of mind for you and your heirs. Consider scheduling an appointment now. It will be well worth your time and the small cost of the consult is cheap insurance when it comes to securing your crypto for years to come.