Antonio Bistrain

CEO & Founder

After a successful career and business owner in dentistry for twenty-six years, which ended due to injury in 2019, Antonio Bistrain gravitated to a field which he had a strong passion for: crypto storage security. I have personally owned crypto assets since 2017 and have experience with many coin types.

A graduate of UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, I put my knowledge into ways to protect individuals from scam artists, computer hacks and outright thievery helping others keep their crypto assets safe. I consult on the best option for each individual regarding whether to keep crypto on the exchanges, move them into storage for safekeeping long-term, or a combination strategy.

I prefer to work with individuals on a one-to-one basis with privacy in highest regard. In addition to crypto asset storage, I teach how to use them it for purchases, accrue interest, and tax trackability of their crypto assets. Lastly, I aid clients with smooth transfer of their crypto assets to family members, heirs and/or charities upon their passing.

I enjoy traveling, gardening, fishing and spending time outdoors in nature. I have two adult children and a wife of 24+ years. If we work together, please call me Tony.

Meet with Antonio Bistrain

Storing Crypto on an Exchange

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